Volunteer Spotlight: Shane Miller

Karen Sabo, In/Visible Theatre Artistic Producer, had a chat with UnGala Co-Chair Shane Miller. They first met when Shane, originally from Zionville, NC, was an undergrad in Karen's class at Emory & Henry College in Virginia. Local audiences may know Shane from his work with Beanstalk Theatre.

KS: How did you become involved in In/Visible Theatre? SM: I became involved because I know you from Emory & Henry College where I took musical theatre with you, so I was very happy to discover that not only were in Boone, that you had a new theatre of your own! Since I live here and have always wanted to have theatre in Boone outside of schools, we got back in touch and began talking about things and here we are! KS: Was my class the best course you took the whole time you were in college? SM: Of course! It was really fun and honestly the ending performance was the first time that I sang onstage by myself. Up until that point that I had only been ensemble in musicals so that class gave me my first opportunity to sing a solo all on my own! KS: What's the name of your blog and what do you write about? SM: Windowless Reviews! My friend Sydni and I review each episode of the CW hit show Riverdale, a darker take on Archie and friends. We like to offer witty and funny comments in our reviews and are not shy about choosing favorite and least favorite characters. KS: What's your favorite play you've ever been in? SM: It's so hard to choose a favorite! "The Last Round Up of the Guacamole Queens" which I was recently in is such a strong contender because I love that character so much, but I am still also very fond of "Precipice," which is the first show where people got to see me as a not so nice guy. KS: I'm so grateful for your great work with Shauna Godwin putting together our inaugural UnGala. Have you ever organized a big schmancy fundraising event before? SM: I have not! The UnGala is a first, so like most things I try, I jump right in and see what I can do! It's a lot of different type of work that I can use my organizational skills for. KS: Why should people come to the UnGala? SM: First and foremast to support local theatre, but also because this event is going to be unlike anything we've had in the High Country and unlike any other type of fundraising event that will follow! KS: Anything else you'd like the adoring In/Visible fans to know? SM: Now is a really good time for theatre in High County and I encourage any and all who want to be involved to come out and get involved. It is here, come take part, even if you never have before, now is a wonderful time to start!

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