Things I Like About Boone: Not Feeling Like I am Going to Get Murdered

Boone is a cozy, little nugget of a town, known for its mountain charm, local goods, and beautiful vistas. But one thing that a lot of people won’t explicitly tell you is that it’s also a delightfully not terrifying place to live. I’m telling you--it’s like one big Grandma’s House. There are just cookies and warm blankets everywhere. The streets are made of knitted scarves. We don't even drive cars, we just sit on cross-stitches that say "You Are Loved" and teleport places. All of those facts are 100% real and not made up. But I digress.

I’ve friends who live in larger cities who frequently worry about general crime, shootouts, and armed robberies. And that's on a good day! Oh, the humanity. When I tell them that sometimes in Boone we don't even remember to lock our doors at night, their jaws drop to the ground. But it's the truth! My roommate and I are heinously forgetful, and have indeed slipped up in such a manner a number of times, but we haven't been chopped up or looted yet. Which is, all in all, pretty nice. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Boone is a hot springs of ethics, goodness, and miracles, but I am saying's pretty close. And I would chalk that up to a win."

Melanie Lech

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