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of Boone NC

Why We Need Theater


Our need for high-quality live theater is increasingly crucial to balance being surrounded by ubiquitous electronic media.


In/Visible Theatre embraces the best aspects the form offers: lessons for living in the moment, deconstructing accepted conventions in order to recognize deeper truths, using inclusion to create a more engaged populace.  We use theatre to facilitate empathy, understanding, and true artistic expression.

Why We Need In|Visible Theatre

We pursue artistic excellence and strive for inclusion. We strengthen our community by partnering with other organizations similarly interested in serving this wonderful region.  

Whenever possible, we use artists who live in the Boone, NC, region, rather than using outsourced talent.  We embrace environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and community service.  

At In/Visible Theatre, we recognize that we are all interconnected, and we embrace that fact in order to deliberately cultivate the most positive connections possible.

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