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of Boone NC

We are realistic idealists.

We recognize the potential of theatre, when thoughtfully produced, to move us as individuals and strengthen connections between us as members of a community, whether local, regional, or global.

You don’t need to prepare in any way to see our work; you don’t need to research, or read, or have a Master’s degree in philosophy. But you do need to be willing to contemplate new ideas, and to be open to theatre that embraces innovative art in language, design, movement, music, and sometimes even technology.

We don’t shy away from asking difficult questions. We don’t blur our eyes to ugliness. We think that looking difficulties and contradictions in the face is one of the duties of artists.

In/Visible Theatre looks different from other organizations. If you want to see a regional version of the latest hot show from a big city, you’ll have to go somewhere else. We are not an unwitting (or purposeful) franchise, but rather we produce theatre with our specific complex geographical region in mind. We know that great artists come from everywhere, and many love living in rural places. In/Visible’s work is specific to the complexity that is Boone, North Carolina, a growing college town in central Appalachia.

Heard of the slow food movement? We are slow theatre. That doesn’t mean our shows aren’t well-paced, it means that we don’t want to have to crank out six, eight, or sixteen shows a year when we only feel truly passionate about a fraction of those plays. In/Visible Theatre creates long-simmered, multi-flavored, well-seasoned plays that take time and effort to make, but are filling, more satisfying, and stay with us longer than fast food, created for the masses in a labortory.

We think that creating high-quality, inclusive art makes our community a better place, and makes us better people, whether we are theatre artists, supporters, audiences, students, or friends.

Think you might be interested in sitting in a room for a while with other thoughtful people also interested in beauty, truth, complexity, and the potential of art to improve the world?

Come see us.

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